Glorious - EP

by Martin Rivas

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"Martin Rivas just needs to be heard!" -

Martin Rivas, former guitarist/singer with Serious Pilgrim, made his solo debut with 2000's Glorious. Originally tabbed as a giveaway disc at a 2000 friends/family reunion at a much-beloved Upstate New York mountain getaway, demand by Serious Pilgrim fans for copies of the disc grew to the point that Martin had no choice but to release it. This is a slightly truncated version of the disc, hence the "EP" designation.


released July 27, 2000

All songs written by Martin Rivas except "Giant Biscuit" written by Bavaro/McGivney/Rivas/Wieland.

All songs ©2000 Martin Rivas (BMI) except "Giant Biscuit" ©1995 Mayflower Kingdom/Ensign Music (BMI). All rights reserved.

Produced/engineered by Martin Rivas.

Recorded on a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder.

Lyrics y más:

This recording is dedicated to the memory of my pal Betty Landy.



all rights reserved


Martin Rivas New York, New York

Brooklyn native Martin Rivas has been a stalwart participant and supporter of NYC-based underground music since his days in early-90s critical darlings & CBGB regulars Serious Pilgrim. Martin’s music has always taken the listener on a sonic journey that feels new and familiar; now that fatherhood has introduced him to his greatest passion, his 7th album is certain to take some compelling twists. ... more

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Track Name: Glorious
Stars are chased by sunlight, and everything is alright at the break of day
All I can say...

My hand is cold, it feels a snag in the zipper of my sleeping bag
But either way
All I can say...

Every word that comes to mind in every language spoken
Always leaves me far behind... it's like my tongue is broken

But as I stare across this land sculpted by some unseen Hand
In just a day
All I can say... is glorious.
Track Name: Giant Biscuit
Come on, come on, come on and drop everything you've got
You won't have to fuss or bother with anything, anything
Come on, come on come on, it sure would mean a lot
What I find attractive about you is everything, everything

Come on, come on, come on, there ain't nothing you can't cook
The Giant Biscuit's taste is nothing like anything, anything
Come on, come on, come on, there ain't nothing you can't say
The Giant Biscuit's taste is something like everything, everything

Now imitations soon may follow, be prepared to taste
A lesser flavor grain you'll swallow
Biscuits away...

The point is moot, there is no substitute
The biscuit is outrageous, the feeling is contagious
You have no skin, so let it in!
Share it with a stranger, liquify the danger of eating with a stranger

Come on, come on, come on, if you need it you can take it

Biscuit, biscuit, biscuit, biscuit, biscuit

The question's moot, the reason's absolute
You knew that you could do it, so sit right back and chew it
You have no skin, so let it in!
If all you have is something, you better eat that one thing... it sure beats having nothing

Come on, come on, come on, the situation's strange
And it ain't fair to ask for you to do everything, everything
But come on, come on, come on, it ain't nothing we can't change
If I could have my choice, if I could do anything, anything

I'd rent myself an Air Force bomber, pick the perfect day
Open up the doors and holler,
"Biscuits away!"
Track Name: Everything I Am
Some moments pass unremembered
They happen then they're never heard from again
Some moments pique your attention
They stand to speak, but don't last a week
Some roads don't have places, some heads need their faces
Somehow they just drifted away
Some moments won't go on forever
Perhaps a year, and they then disappear

Some days are so easily forgotten, the clock will tick, not a moment will stick
Some days, for all the wrong reasons, will tear your heart and the calendar apart
Some days feel like ages, some words seem like pages
Somehow they just won't go away
Some days are the days that you want to forever live
What would you give?

Everything I am
Everything I own
Wrapped and neatly packaged
And into the creek I've thrown
Who have I become?
How do I begin again?
Whatever will be starts and ends with me

An aimless feeling
A nameless feeling
I wish it could hold my attention
Some people just stay in your memory
They never leave, and it helps you believe

Everything I am
Everything you are
We're meant to be together
It's bound to bring us closer together
Everyone we've known
Every single friend
I'm convinced that we belong together
It's hard, but we'll all stay together
Everywhere we are
Everywhere we go
We're never far away from each other
Don't be afraid, 'cause we ain't never far away from each other
You gotta believe
Track Name: Woodchuck Knoll
Night falls and never breaks
The stars do laps, and the meadow shakes
Day breaks and never falls
Haul ass back to Woodchuck Knoll

Winter comes just to melt away
The bones remain, but the predators can't stay
Life goes on with this the goal
Haul ass back to Woodchuck Knoll

I can see the road, where does it go

Machines will turn to rust
And we'll return to dust
Time frowns, moves on, and takes it's toll
Haul ass back to Woodchuck Knoll

More feelings than words can say
Each minute is like a day
I miss you, will I ever be consoled?
Haul ass back to Woodchuck Knoll

I can see the road (sha la la la la la la la la la)
I can see the road (sha la la la la la la la la la)
(I can see the road) It forks, it bends, it twists
(I can see the road) Every intersection, every split
And though I don't seem to know which way I'm gonna go
I'll always have the knack for finding my way back

Don't breathe, and be a part
Stand still, and lose your heart
Bury me where the hills, they roll
Haul ass back to Woodchuck Knoll

Walk tall upon the path you chose
Secret Caverns, or Vroman's Nose
Let go of what you can't control
Haul ass back to Woodchuck Knoll
Track Name: Gehrig's Keychain
I saw the uniforms collected in the Hall of Fame
Hard to believe, so many heroes from a simple game
And the men become like boys
Breathing on the glass
Quiet as a church
Teach your children well
I won't forget
I felt a touch from up above when I made Gehrig's keychain shake

I felt the glory of the moments on the winning team
I saw the innocence reflected that was lost inside a dream
And I left it on the field
Right near second base
My heart was racing faster than the tears upon my face
I couldn't go
I thought I heard an angel sing when I made Gehrig's keychain shake

I had to touch the Baby's face when I came to it on the plaque
I had to touch it 'cause he touched it, and he wasn't coming back
And I'll come to see him here
Stare at what he wore
Touch him through a window of a time that played before
And I'll always feel the longing that I felt when I made Gehrig's keychain shake
Track Name: Wherever
Wherever I am
Wherever I go
My heart isn't far from you
It comforts me to know
Wherever I sleep
Wherever I stay
We're closer to reuniting
It pushes me along the way

I didn't realize the effect that you could have on me
I couldn't emphasize enough...
You're as much a part of me as me

Whatever we think
Whatever we say
Whatever is good enough
It gets me through another day
Whatever we find
Whatever we do
We're never far apart
I couldn't feel any closer to you...
But I do.

Miles and hours and words are obstacles we've overcome before
I don't have to ask for your trust
We've crossed that line
And you've got mine
And we'll be fine.
Track Name: Glorious (reprise)
Stars are chased by sunlight, and everything is alright at the break of day
All I can say...

The morning brings the afternoon
And after that a star-lit moon comes out to play
All I can say...

I walk into the field
I'm separate from my soul
The spirits of my fathers surround me as I stroll
And surely as I'm walkin'
I hear the ghosts a-talkin'
In the clearest way
All that they say...

"Don't be afraid, we know it's such a twisted road."
"And it's hard to keep from slipping when it's such a heavy road."
"Don't be ashamed, you got to share the good times with the bad."
"Take our advice, and this here lifetime will be the best one that you've had."

Stars are chased by sunlight, and everything is alright at the break of day
All I can say...

It's always different and the same
My heart remains here at our little hideaway
All I can say...

The view today is perfect, wherever I may stand
So all that's left is just to wish you the very best I can...
May the stories that they tell of you in a hundred years speak well of you
More I can't say
Just that today is glorious.